Why Buy a Massage Chair?

by Eric Cotten | Last Updated: February 23, 2017

daily massage

Before getting into the chairs themselves, it’s important to talk about why buying a chair is worth the money.

Many of these options won’t break the bank, but they are advanced massage therapy chairs, so they won’t come cheap either. You’re looking at investing about $1,000 give or take.

If you’re aware of the benefits of regular massages (of which there are tons!), then you probably go to see a massage therapist on the regular. A good massage therapist is going to run you $60 + for an hour. A very good one charges $100 + or more.

Add to it that massages are only effective when done twice weekly, and the cash register starts to ring so to speak. A massage chair costs less than a few sessions from a great therapist, and you get unlimited massages (and no mildly creepy therapists rubbing your body!)

With a wide variety of customization options, heating, vibrating seats, rollers, and more, you can get a relaxing, relieving, and re-energizing massage as often as you’d like right from the comfort of your living room. Once or twice a day is fine, so that’s basically 10 massages or more a week. Sounds like a good life. The benefits will show almost immediately.

  • Emotional relief – the stress from work, personal life, family, or even from dealing with pain quickly takes a toll on your life. Regular massages have shown to decrease stress and anxiety and help you relax on a daily basis.
  • Pain relief – chronic pains are soothed away by the combination of rolling, kneading, and gentle prodding, as well as through heat therapy and other methods. The deep massage techniques aid the muscles, joints, ligaments, and bones, helping you feel less pain and increase your mobility.
  • Better sleep – anxiety and stress as well as many other factors affect how well you sleep, and how well you sleep affects every facet of your life. Better blood flow and relaxation will help sooth your body and mind, helping to provide deeper sleep.
  • Health benefits – regular massages have shown to also increase brain and heart health, though research shows that this is most likely good for health maintenance and not necessarily improvement.

So if you are looking to get rid of your pains, relax, rejuvenate, and have better overall health all at a price a fraction of what your therapist would charge (and get a stylish chair while you’re at it!), then investing the money in a massage chair is well worth it.