Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Recliner Review 

by Andy Clarks | Last Updated: November 30, 2016

The right type of massage can do wonders for reliving back pain and tension, but a therapeutic massage isn’t always available or convenient. While it’s still a better idea to get a regular massage from a licensed massage therapist, an electric substitute is the next best thing and this innovative massage chair by Kahuna can instantly provide some of the benefits of the human touch that are essential for both mental and physical health.

While most people believe that a massage chair is more of a luxury item, they can be essential for people who are dealing with daily stress, anxiety and ongoing pain.

This massage chair is designed to provide an effective measure of pain relief and relaxation. Getting a massage in the privacy of your own home, in addition to the convenience of time efficiency, are among the major reasons why consumers are now turning to Kahuna, a leader in the industry, for a more cost effective way to enjoy massages on a daily basis.

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is a zero gravity model that features an innovative airbag system and frame, all of which are designed to work the hips, arms, back and shoulders. One of Kahuna’s top selling models, this is a chair that’s designed to relieve stress on the body by providing a more intense and deeper massage experience.

During a chair massage the user will feel virtually weightless when using one of the three zero gravity positions.

This model is also FDA registered as a medical device, one of the chair’s top selling points.

LM6800 Massage Chair Assessment

The elegant design and extra cushioning make this chair a welcome addition in any room. The chair itself is comfortable enough to sit in, even when a massage is not underway. The deep rich brown faux leather is soft to the touch and blends well with any type of room décor.

This model supports L track which works to provide a deeper massage from the neck down to the buttocks using a quad roller system. The name L track refers to the motion of the rollers.

The chair also features a maximum user weight of 250 pounds, which is the average weight limit for most models.

The chair comes equipped with the yoga stretch feature, which provides the user with a full body stretch with extra emphasis on the pelvis and legs. Most users combine this type of function with a thirty minute massage session for ultimate results. This chair also supports a hip twist motion.

For those consumers who love zero gravity chairs, this model does not disappoint, offering a total of three zero gravity positions. A zero gravity massage will recline the user, elevating the feet above the heart and provides an almost weightless feeling. It’s also believed to make a massage more therapeutic and effective.

Body scan technology is a must-have feature if more than one member of the household will be using the massage chair. This feature works by tracking the contours of the body in order to personalize a massage session, making it more effective. Regardless of the user’s size the chair is able to effortlessly adjust itself accordingly. The body scan takes only a few seconds to collect data. This data is then stored in the chair’s database for future use.

This model supports a dual roller system under the feet, which targets acupuncture points, utilizing a type of kneading style action. The chair’s airbag’s inflate for a more intense foot massage by pushing the feet towards the rollers.

This chair also comes with an extensive three year product warranty. During the first year the warranty covers all labor services, structure and parts. On the second year the warranty will cover the structural framework and parts and finally, the third year, the warranty will only cover the structural framework.

Kahuna Zero Gravity Chair Pros and Cons

Pros: This model is deemed more affordable than other chairs with the same features. The chair supports L track which can offer a better, more intense massage experience. The chair is equipped with an extendable footrest, which works to accommodate users of all sizes. The quick therapy feature is perfect for users suffering from sore muscles or muscle strains. The dual foot rollers in combination with the airbag system provides a more effective foot massage. The computer body scan feature was also a big selling point for this model and allows you to receive a customized massage based on size. The chair is also equipped with built-in casters for improved mobility. According to consumers, the chair’s shoulder massage is nothing short of superb, while the yoga stretch feature is the perfect choice before or after a workout. The L track massage is typically not found on a massage chair in this price range, which makes it a steal for the price. The fact that this chair is FDA approved is also a big selling point for this chair.

Cons: Some consumers felt that the foot massage feature was much too hard and rough on the feet. To remedy this issue you can add cushioning such as a pillow, between your feet and the airbags. Others felt that this chair made too much noise. Consumers with more serious back issues felt that the Best Massage Shiatsu massage chair had more to offer in terms of massage program options.

L Track Massage Chair Conclusion and Rating

Consumers who purchased Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Recliner gave it a rating of four and a half stars out of five for massage function options, the yoga stretch feature, L track massage, body scan and overall quality and comfort. This is a great chair that has a lot to offer every member in your household. With a reputation for quality and durability, this Kahuna massage chair will quickly take the place of your massage therapist. Rated by consumers as one of the best massage chairs on the market, you can enjoy this high quality zero gravity model for several years to come.