Best Massage Chairs 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

by Eric Cotten | Last Updated: January 12, 2020

massage wellnessPlease tell me:

Is chronic back pain making your life difficult?

Do you feel stressed most of the time?

If you’re reading this, your answer is probably “yes” to any of those questions, if not both.

Chronic pain can ruin your life. That is, unless you do something about it. That’s why I’ve created this top-10 list of Best Massage Chairs 2020. In my reviews I talk about each model, its specialties, the pros, the cons, and more… It’s all here for you to read, spelled out in plain English.

Best Massage Chairs 2020

With so many models of chairs available, it’s important that you do a little research to find the right chair and one that meets your physical and financial needs.

BestMassage 06C Full Body Shiatsu
(Editor's Choice)
iDeal Zero Gravity ShiatsuKahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity (Editor's Choice)Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity ExecutiveHumanTouch iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic
Longer massage range and extensive airbag system.Features fourteen massage types.Offers three different zero gravity positions.2 Stage Zero-Gravity positioning inspred by NASA.Ingeniously fits in small spaces.
Massage heads are designed to target tsubo points on the neck.Includes 3D body scan technology.Utilizes a dual roller system for the foot massage feature.Foot, Calves, Arm, Hips and Shoulder air pressure massage.Voted a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy.
Weight: 185 lbs.Weight: 200 lbs.Weight: 200 lbs.Weight: 250 lbs.Weight: 88 lbs.
55" x 35" x 42"33" x 55" x 49"46" x 31" x 48"46" x 32" x 47"44" x 35" x 40"
Warranty: 1 yearWarranty: 3 yearsWarranty: 3 yearsWarranty: 3 yearsWarranty: 2 years
Price: $$Price: $$$Price: $$$Price: $$$$Price: $$
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

BestMassage 06C Shiatsu – Editor’s Choice #1

I started looking for ergonomic chairs months ago, but was disappointed with the options I found out there. It’s hard to find the right chair to massage out the lower back pains but still fit your price range and not look cheap.

If you’re looking for a chair that strikes the perfect balance of classy, comfortable, and perfectly equipped to work out your back pain – the BestMassage 06C is the one.

First of all, the material is a gorgeous and extremely comfortable faux leather, making this a chair that you just want to recline in. And once you do, it’s off to the races with the powerful combination of massage programs at your fingertips.

Here are some of the features that I loved

  • Intense Shiatsu style massage – for those looking for an intense massage, this chair really delivers. You can always adjust if the pressure gets too strong, but personally, I love the intensity this chair offers. Its power rollers really get deep into the muscle tissues and leave you feeling re-energized afterwards.
  • Compression and percussion – this function helps work out kinks and improves mobility and flexibility. I felt so much looser and more open after using this setting on the chair.
  • Neck massage – this added feature is so wonderful to help relieve stress and aid in relaxation. Let me just say: it felt so good! I can definitely see myself coming home after a long day at work and settling down in this chair.
  • Advanced, quality massage techniques – the Shiatsu chair gently warms the body and begins compression down at the feet before going upward, gently moving stuck fluids up towards the heart – a feature of much more advanced and expensive machines.
  • Durable – when I make an investment in a chair like this, I want to know that it’s going to last me for years of great massages. The name brand and quality of materials helps ease any fears. This chair is definitely built to last, with great quality materials.
  • Sleek and comfortable – when the chair isn’t in use, it will still have to sit in your living room. Good to know that it doesn’t look half bad.
  • More for your money – the Shiatsu chair performs functions that most other chairs of its type charge upwards of $3,000 for.

Some challenges I had

  • The remote – I had an issue with the remote control, and from what I heard it could take a few weeks to get a replacement. Quality checking should be a higher priority.
  • Return fees – if anything does happen to the chair, they require the customer to pay to send it back for repair.


Overall, this is a fantastic massage chair offering powerful Shiatsu techniques at a price that can’t be beat. I know my back felt a lot better after using it, and I have no doubt you’ll be glad you made the investment in your health and happiness to make this chair a part of your home!

  • Pain-relieving shiatsu techniques including compressions and percussion.
  • Great neck massage.
  • Durable.
  • Stylish.
  • Great value for money.
  • Quality issues with some add-ons.
  • Not the best customer service.
  • Some return fees may apply.

iDeal Zero Gravity Shiatsu

I used to be one of those people who would drop $100 on a massage each time just to ease the nagging, aching pain that starts in my back and spreads through the rest of my body.

Then I realized that I was throwing money down the toilet, because for the price of 10 massages, I could have my very own in-home personal masseuse that would never get tired. Thus, the search for an ergonomic massage chair.

I came across the iDeal Luxury Shiatsu Chair via a friend, and while I had my ups and downs with it – it was overall a great experience, one that definitely helped me to relax and de-stress (and trust me, my partner is grateful for that!)

What’s great about this one

  • Multi-functioning modes offering great massage combos – you can play around with the settings on this chair for hours (and I definitely did!) It has Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, and vibrating options that you can all control at the touch of a button.
  • Ease of use – I love how easy it is to control the intensity, placement, and type of massage with the remote, and how quickly the chair responds. I’ve sat in chairs that don’t seem to change a thing when I switch the button, so it’s great to have full control.
  • Quiet – when I sit in a massage chair, I want to be floating away to the netherworlds of my own inner mind… not listening to the buzzing hum of a chair. Luckily, this chair is quiet and peaceful.
  • Awesome zero-gravity functioning – I love how this chair elevates my body up to the point where I can really feel all the stress taken off my joints. Most zero-gravity chairs seem to be at a much higher price point, so this is a great value chair for the functioning it offers.

Now, for the not so great…

  • Performance was slightly underwhelming – to be honest, I expected a bit more functionality from this chair, especially in the realm of more intense percussion and chopping action. I really love when the masseuses just beat on my back with that chopping movement of their hands, so I was disappointed that this chair doesn’t really offer much in the way of that function.
  • Rollers could be stronger – again, in the way of performance… I just felt like the rolling action could have been deeper, especially along the feet area. Don’t get me wrong, the chair gets the job done – and maybe I just had super high expectations (or need a particularly deep massage) – but it could be stronger. Then again, this is a mid-range chair, so I expect it functions quite well for this price range.


While it’s not perfect, I really enjoyed this chair and realize that for the price point, it does an exceptional job of providing a zero-gravity Shiatsu massage and powerful multi-function options without breaking the bank.

  • Great massage combos.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quiet.
  • Relaxing shiatsu technology.
  • Amazing zero-gravity function.
  • Not the strongest massage.
  • Rollers don’t offer as much as other models.

Kahuna LM6800 – Editor’s Choice #2

First, I started out looking at lower-priced chairs, but honestly, they seemed way too cheaply made to get the job done. I didn’t want to invest in bringing one of these into my home, only to have it fall apart a month later and be out hundreds of dollars. I wanted to try a few out to get a good idea for what I was getting into.

So moving up to the next price point, I came across the Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair, and wanted to try it out. Overall, I am very happy that I did, because this chair definitely delivered on its promised heated therapy massage and did wonders for the pain in my lower back.

Here’s what’s great

  • Zero gravity! – (Need I say more?) this chair has 3 levels of “zero gravity”, which basically means your entire body is elevated in such a way that your weight is distributed to reduce stress on your joints and bones. In the final setting on this chair, your feet are actually elevated above your heart.
  • Plenty of massage options – there are rollers for the feet, calves, arms, shoulder airbags, as well as heated options, a vibrating pad, and even a twisting and stretching option. You can put your body through all its paces in this chair! I really enjoy playing around with the different settings; some of them are too intense for me, but I’ve found the combinations that really work for what I need.
  • Yoga stretching function – I particularly loved this option, as it’s something I haven’t seen on any other chair! I can almost feel like I’m going to a yoga class, without having to get out my mat and drive to the studio.

And here are some things I didn’t love so much

  • Installation was definitely not simple – while the instructions made it seem easy, the screws didn’t actually line up the way they should have, so I spent a while sorting this out with some tools I had on hand.
  • The foot roller was a bit too intense! – in all honesty, they should have used extra padding around the foot area, because it actually hurt me on some settings. It’s easily remedied by just adding some padded fabric of your own to the area, but still, they should have taken care of this.
  • Again, while there are a ton of options on this chair, sometimes it can be too many – some of the settings just didn’t feel very good on my body. That being said, they would probably work well for other people – and there are plenty of settings that give me what I need.


Overall, I really enjoyed the Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair, and found it to be a powerhouse of a massage chair for its price point.

  • Amazing multi-setting 0G features.
  • Tons of combinations to fit all pains.
  • Yoga stretching functionality.
  • Tough to assemble.
  • Intense foot rollers! Ouch.
  • Too many options makes things very complex.

Osaki OS-4000 – For Chronic Back Pain

The idea of a zero-gravity massage chair built with space-age technology at first sounded a little far-fetched, but long days at work were causing tons of undue stress and chronic pains to go with it. I was definitely looking for a spa-like solution.

Osaki is a world-renowned dealer of top-of-the-line massage chairs, and their high end models are well known for providing a relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience to go along with pain relief, so they naturally came to mind. Since my first goal was to relax and second was to target those nagging pains in my back and joints, I decided to try one of their most popular models: the Osaki OS-4000.

This zero-gravity massage chair looks more like something out of Star Wars than your typical chair, and with all of the extra functions and fancy gadgets, you can perfectly hone the soothing combination of kneading and rolling directly to your liking. Don’t worry, you don’t need a master’s degree to operate it. The instructions will do just fine.

What is a zero gravity massage?

That was my first question, too. What exactly is a zero-gravity massage, and do you need a space suit? Basically, the technology involves putting your body in full recline and using pads and other massage techniques to mimic the feeling of weightlessness you get in space! It’s not quite as amazing as billed, but it’s a pretty good way to relieve stress, have a great massage experience, and soothe away the pain from a hard day at the office. Anyways, moving on:

What I liked

The first thing that strikes you about the chair is its design. When it was finally all put together (yes, you’ve got to assemble it), I couldn’t help but say “wow!”. I was ready to jump in and give it a try. I was definitely impressed by the:

  • Computer-targeted massage – the advanced body scan system maps your back for a more precise, highly-targeted massage. The rollers and calf pads can adjust with the curvature of your spine and length of your legs. Pretty amazing!
  • Fully-body airbag massage – with six preset programs designed to target each pain-point in the joints, you get a full-body experience. The airbags are targeted to the shoulders, calves, back, and hips. The air massage technique is where the “zero-gravity” comes into play. It really felt like I was on air.
  • Lower back heating pads – nothing beats a hot massage to loosen up the knots in the back. My favorite part of the whole chair is the two lumbar-area heating pads for the back.
  • Customizable massage – the easy-to-use remote allows you to customize the massage with just a few presses of a button. You can adjust the intensity, speed, and focus of the zero-gravity massage with little effort.

What could have been better

The chair was not without its challenges, as is the same for most chairs in this price range. It’s definitely on the high side, but it is a luxury massage chair — hence the price tag. I wouldn’t call these “negatives” since a lot of it is based on preference, but the few challenges I found with the chair were:

  • It’s HUGE – do NOT get this chair if you live in a neat little bungalow somewhere in the woods if you catch my drift. It’s gigantic. Like I said before, it looks more like a spaceship than a massage chair, so make sure you’ve got room.
  • Assembly required – fancy chairs like this rarely come assembled. This Osaki model requires assembly, and it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Find a smart college kid that needs some extra cash to do it, trust me!
  • Not the strongest massage – this model is billed as a relaxation zero-gravity chair to relieve stress first and target pains second. If you have serious pains, you might want a different chair (and probably should see a doctor!). The massage could be a bit stronger, but if it were then it probably wouldn’t be as soothing.


In the end, this is a good model if you’ve got extra cash and want a soothing spa experience to go along with a good massage. The computer technology allows the chair to directly target your pain areas and auto adjust to fit the contours of your spine. The heating pads are a great value point too!

  • Full-body, computer-targeted massage.
  • Auto-adjusting technology.
  • Heating pads.
  • Fancy gadgets like a wireless remote.
  • Ergonomic massage capabilities.
  • Zero-gravity weightless massage feeling.
  • Spa-like treatment for stress.
  • Not the strongest massage.
  • HUGE!
  • Assembly needed.

HumanTouch iJoy-2580 Premium – For Tight Spaces

Since a massage chair is a big investment and there are plenty on the market to choose from, I want to clue you in on one that I think strikes a great balance between what you get and what you pay.

It might not be one of those space-age models that does everything and comes with a microwave too, but with tons of added extras and customizable settings you’ll get more than your dollar’s worth and get rid of your back, neck, and shoulder pain, too!

This iJoy model is the first of many in this listing that’ll work hard to get rid of your aches, but it’s one of my favorites in this price range! Let’s get going, shall we?

What I liked

Right off the bat the thing that strikes you about the iJoy-2580 are its 3 invigorating massage programs. The time and money invested by Human Touch into developing this chair has paid off big time. Each of the customizable programs perfectly mimics one of the four primary massage techniques used by pros since ancient times:

  • Rolling
  • Kneading
  • Compression and Percussion

The patented Human Touch massage system gently (or not so gently, if you want!) kneads away those stubborn kinks in the lower back, neck, and shoulders that drive you insane. You’ll feel great after the first session. Some other great things that I love about this chair are:

  • It’s built to last – HumanTouch is a company known for quality, so as long as you don’t let your golden retriever sleep in it, it should last a long time. Reviews say they are still going strong a decade after purchase.
  • Comfortable and convenient – fully reclinable and equipped with a cup holder, power outlet, and removable massage softening pad so you can personalize your massage and still sip on your coffee!
  • Compact – is space at a premium for you? The design of the chair allows it to fit basically anywhere in your house.
  • Great massage quality – did I mention that the massage is awesome?!?! The patented Human Touch system really sets this one apart from generic competitors.

What could have been better

They say that every rose has its thorn (cue: terrible 80’s rock ballad music!); it’s cliche but true. I wouldn’t call these “problems” with the chair, since it really just comes down to your preference. What might cause an issue with is:

  • It’s a bit low to the ground – the ideal size of the person in the chair is between 4’10-6’0, but even 6’0 might be a bit generous.
  • 3 settings – some chairs on the market have more settings than you can count. Me personally? I can’t choose between that many. You, however, might not like that the chair only has 3 settings to choose from. It’s more than enough to get the job done, but might not gel well with you.


There you have it folks. My opinion? If you’re looking for a chair that just undoes the knots in your back and not your financial future plus offers a ton of great features while doing it, then the iJoy-2580 is a great choice. There’s a reason it was a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy for quality and price. You’ll get rid of your pain and improve your overall health all for less than most of other models!

  • Great massage quality (unique and patented system for the shoulders, neck and back).
  • Compact.
  • Great extras like a built-in power outlet.
  • Durable.
  • Consumer’s Digest Best Buy For Price And Quality.
  • Not for tall people.
  • The chair is a bit low to the ground.
  • There are only 3 massage settings.

BestMassage EC-69 Full Body ShiatsuRelaxOnChair MK-II PLUS Full Body ShiatsuReal Relax Full Body Zero Gravity ShiatsuAuthentic BeautyHealth ShiatsuLuraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical
Rolling: Moving up and down, like the fixed-point of revolving finger pressing.Buttlock L-Tracking massage system.2 preset automatic massage programs.24 types of massage from head to toe.Developed and assembled in the USA.
Kneading: Reduces muscle pain and works out knots.Deep tissue massage & full body stretching.Seat cushion includes vibration, heat and air squeeze.Built-in heat for your back and feet.5 different users memory settings.
Weight: 200 lbs.Weight: 183 lbs.Weight: 166 lbs.Weight: 265 lbs.Weight: 265 lbs.
51" x 36" x 42"65" x 30" x 40"44" x 27" x 47"31" x 49" x 53"60" x 38" x 48"
Warranty: 1 yearWarranty: 3 yearsWarranty: 3 yearsWarranty: 3 yearsWarranty: 5 years
Price: $$Price: $$$Price: $$Price: $$$Price: $$$$$
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

BestMassage EC-69 Shiatsu – Budget-Friendly

The ancient art of Shiatsu was developed in Japan using Ancient Chinese knowledge and techniques. Designed to relieve pain, increase flexibility, get the blood pumping, and rejuvenate the mind, this technique has survived thousands of years in Far East, and now can come straight to your living room combined with some killer 21st-century technology.

That’s exactly what I hoped the BestMassageEC-69 Chair would be, and I was not disappointed. The combination of the shiatsu techniques of kneading, rolling, and percussion, plus modern amenities like reclining, customization, and sleek design make it a great buy in this price range.

If you’ve got chronic pain in multiple places, then this is a great model for you. Be sure to keep your mind open about which model fits you perfectly, but if you’ve got a tight budget and tight spaces, then you can’t go wrong here.

What Does The EC-69 Do?

With the push of a button your mind and body are whisked back in time thousands of years to the tranquil, quaint, and relaxing gardens of Ancient Japan (OK, a BIT dramatic, but I wanted to paint a picture! Let’s get serious now!).

The EC-69 was created to perfectly emulate the time-tested shiatsu massage techniques of the Ancient Far East. When I heard that these techniques were designed specifically to alleviate chronic pain in the back and joints PLUS increase flexibility, I had to give it a try. This chair utilizes:

  • Rolling – the rolling feature can best be described as the point of a finger moving up and down your body putting pressure on the most stressed and fatigued areas.
  • Kneading – your body is the dough and this chair is the skilled pair of hands shaping it up. This is to reduce pain, loosen muscles, and increase flexibility.
  • Compression and Percussion – imagine a masseuse gently beating the muscles in your body. This is for better posture, more mobility, and less pain.
  • Chop Action Flapping And Tapping – no, this is not an action figure ad. The chopping is meant to relax muscles and relieve soreness. It can even stimulate nerves.

Sounds great? I thought so, too. Let’s move on to what I liked about the chair and what could have been a bit better.

What I liked

Aside from the flexibility and deep-penetrating massage techniques, the chair itself comes with a few perks that I think make it a steal at the price tag. Some of them are:

  • Strategically placed vibrators – Vibrators strategically placed at the feet, calves, seat, and back hit all of the pain points.
  • Comfort and design – The chair is pretty comfortable. You won’t be on cloud 9 and a bed of feathers, but it provides a great massage experience. The design is sleek and eye-catching, plus the dimensions are so that it can fit just about anywhere in tight spaces.
  • A wide range of settings – Want to adjust your massage? That’s pretty easy with this chair. Speed, intensity, width of massage, target area, etc., can all be customized from the remote.
  • Good buy for money – This chair is pretty comprehensive and weighs in at a different dollar figure than most other comparable chairs from my experience. You get expensive-chair settings at affordable prices.

Some challenges

Nothing is perfect, so there are a few things you should know about the EC-69 that might not be perfect for you:

  • It’s a bit heavy and cumbersome – The chair’s weight class in terms of price is pretty low, but it’s definitely a heavy hitter when it comes to real weight. At about 200 lbs., it’s pretty tough to move!
  • Not very wide – If you’re of a larger frame, I suggest something bigger. This chair isn’t ideal for taller, wider people.
  • Not good for sitting – Some people like their massage chairs to double over as sitting chairs when not hard at work. This is not one of them. You can feel the rollers, so you can only use it when you actually want a massage (which will probably be always, anyway).


So there you have it. The EC-69 shiatsu massage chair is a great option for those with chronic pain that also want to increase flexibility and blood flow. I suggest it to people who have sedentary jobs and need an extra kick to get the juices flowing.

  • Shiatsu massage design.
  • Full-body massage delivered by vibrating parts around the chair.
  • Stylish and compact.
  • Flexible and customizable.
  • Very affordable.
  • Heavy and difficult to move.
  • Not for wide or tall people (36″ wide and 71″ long when reclined).
  • Not comfortable for sitting.
  • Incapable lifting the foot rest when not reclined.

RelaxOnChair MK-II PLUS

With SO many chairs out there on the market at different price points, it hasn’t been an easy research process. One day, I came across this RelaxOnChair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair, and was impressed by the variety of features it offered – everything I had been looking for, all in one chair.

First of all, you should know something about zero-gravity massage chairs: they really take the experience to the next level. You’re going to invest at a higher price point for this kind of chair, but it’s truly designed to minimize the impact of gravity on your spine and joints, making the massage that much more effective.

I won’t call this chair perfect by any means, but what it offers more than makes up for it. While it has its areas to be improved, RelaxonChair has produced a solid, all-around Zero Gravity chair that gives an incredible full-body massage.


  • Deep tissue massage is incredible – I’ve spent a LOT of money on deep tissue massage over the years, and I have to say – this chair gave me a massage that felt like it was coming from the most skilled of human hands. The detailed pressure is on point, and the stretching functions really combine well with the deep tissue work to soften out all of my kinks and tight spots.
  • High quality materials and technology – I really love the material of this chair, which seems to be a soft synthetic leather (it will look great in your living room). And you can tell that the chair is made with high-quality technology, as the different parts inflate and deflate seamlessly as the massage moves around the body.
  • Zero-gravity functioning – THIS is what really set this chair apart for me – I could recline in this chair with my feet elevated up to my heart level, and it really felt like the stress melted away as the chair did its magic on my back, legs, arms, and butt.
  • Heating – If you’ve never had a heated massage chair in the winter time – you are seriously missing out. The heated function helps loosen up muscles and joints even more, and I drool at the possibility of sinking into it on a cold winter night.


  • Too wide – You might struggle to get the chair through your interior doors, so count on removing the two arm buffers to move the chair in between rooms in your home.
  • A bit noisy – It’s not a huge issue, but when some of the massage parts are working, there’s this constant noise that can be a bit on the annoying side. I was too relaxed to notice it much, though.


Despite its flaws, I really enjoyed this chair and recommend it if you’re ready to invest in a massage chair that actually gets the job done!

  • Amazing zero-gravity massage for all life’s pains.
  • Incredible deep tissue massage.
  • Heating for soothing pain.
  • Stylish look and function.
  • It’s WIDE!
  • It can be a bit noisy at times.

Real Relax Full-Body Shiatsu – For Relaxation

My search for an affordable option that still checked all of the massage boxes, helped me relax AND helped improve my blood flow and sleep brought me to the Real Relax Zero-Gravity Shiatsu massage chair.

The Shiatsu technique spans across different pain points in the body to give a relaxing, soothing, and effective pressure massage, and the 30+ airbags on the chair are designed to completely surround the muscle, blast it with heat, and gently massage out those horrid kinks. If you feel pain in your back, arms, neck, shoulder, and hips (basically everywhere!), and want to get a personal spa in your living room, then you can’t go wrong.

Did I mention it comes with a VR headset so you can be whisked away to romantic destinations while being massaged by your professional therapist? By therapist I mean chair, by the way. The fixed massage settings are give and take, but the price tag can’t be beat. Anyways, I’m rambling. Let’s get to it!

What I liked

  • 8 Back Massage Points – there are 8 massage points on the back each one working in unison to give you a fully soothing massage. Good luck staying awake! Great if you have nagging back issues from sitting at an office or working all day on your feet.
  • 35 Air Bags – air bags are great because they can target individual areas and give a multi-setting massage. They heat up the muscle to loosen it, massage out the kinks, and even squeeze! The only downside is you can’t tell the therapist to ease up!
  • Good for the arms and feet – they aren’t lying when they say full-body massage. This chair uses 0-G technology to massage your limbs for a fully relaxing experience.
  • Improves blood flow and sleep – when you buy this chair, you get a relaxing massage experience that improves your blood flow, helps you relax, and even improves your sleep. If aches and pains are keeping you from getting comfortable, I recommend this chair.
  • VR Headset – you mean to tell me I can get a great massage in my living room while also sitting on a beach in Southern France? Where do I sign?

Some challenges

I wish life were rainbows and butterflies, but unfortunately there are always going to be some issues in the way of a perfect life. For such a comprehensive chair, there are very few issues, but a few things to keep in mind are:

  • Some assembly required – assembly is required, so it could take awhile to get the chair into full form. There’s an instructional video for those of us who are assembly-challenged (that’s me!).
  • Not as flexible as other models – you know those models that provide any kind of massage you want, let you customize a program, and even make you breakfast? That’s not this one. There are different options but the programs are all you get.
  • No back rollers – it’s worth pointing out that the massage points on the back don’t use rollers. You can’t get the rolling portion of a Shiatsu massage. This is a 0-G chair with a VR headset meant to relax you.


The Real Relax Zero-Gravity model is great value for money and provides a relaxing massage. It might not be super strong or as flexible as other models, but for the price you pay it’s hard to beat.

  • Cool VR headset.
  • 8 back massage points for a comprehensive massage.
  • 35 airbags for a weightless experience.
  • Great for relaxation, sleep, and blood flow.
  • Great value for money.
  • Not very flexible. What you see is basically what you get.
  • Assembly required.
  • No back rollers.

Authentic BeautyHealth Shiatsu – For Back Pain

Are you in the market for something to help heal chronic pains in the middle and lower back that also incorporates ancient stone healing techniques for therapy and relaxation? BeautyHealth has created an awesome combination of ancient and modern with their shiatsu massage chair.

Jade stone has long been used in therapeutic treatments since ancient times, and is picking up steam as modern people look for alternatives to pills and other medicines.

That’s what intrigued me about this massage chair. This souped up model has more airbags than a Cadillac and does everything from fighting fatigue to soothing aches. I used it and was overall really satisfied, even at the price they are asking. You get more than what you pay for.

First, the Jade Stone thing!

The Jade heating pad is a great added extra. Jade Stone has been known for its therapeutic qualities for millennia, and is picking up steam in natural healing communities around the world right now. I doubt it actually heals you, but it does help relax the body, joints, and muscles. It’s a neat little perk that’s unique to this chair.

What I liked

There’s a lot to like about this comprehensive massage chair. The timed massages are pretty cool, and it’s got a ton of different pre-programmed settings. You can adjust it to soothe the entire body or you can make it target a single area. It’s up to you. However you want it. I really liked:

  • Timed massage programs – you can choose specific timed massage programs. There are 6 different ones: AWAKE, PRESCRIPTION, FATIGUE, PHYSICAL THERAPY, HEALTH CARE, and RELAX. Each one serves a different function, but all leave you numb with joy (trust me!)
  • Neck to shoulder treatment – what is awesome about this chair is that you can target just about everywhere. The neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, butt, hips, etc. It’s like your own full-body masseuse.
  • Adjustable Shiatsu treatment – the massage hands for the back are driven by 4 wheels and are completely adjustable. You get the pressure massage you need anywhere on your back. It’s great for people who have specific areas that are hit by chronic pain.
  • 24 types of massage – this chair is like having multiple masseuses targeting each point of your back. You can adjust the massage type, position, and intensity pretty much any way you want.
  • 60 + airbags – the airbags are strategically placed to blast heat onto the trouble areas, squeeze the muscle and soothe the pain away. It gives a weightless, relaxing massage.

What could have been better

The chair, for all of its cool features, had a few things that might turn a few buyers off. Before investing this much $ in the chair, you should be aware of a few things:

  • The chair doesn’t heat – one of the drawbacks is that the chair itself doesn’t actually heat. You get a heating wand that can be a bit cumbersome to use. It’s good if you have specific areas you want to target, but the fact that it’s from a hand-operated wand limits the heating capabilities a bit.
  • It’s big and heavy – this bad boy is tough to get in the door and delivery is curbside usually. You might have to pay for help to get it in.
  • The massage can get intense – this isn’t really a negative because it depends on preference, but if you are new to massage chairs, maybe a smaller model with lighter settings would be better. I didn’t mind the intense massage, though. It was great for my back!


The BeautyHealth jade heating chair isn’t a budget option, no doubt. But you do get high-quality for what you pay. It’s got a wide range of targeted massage settings, good extra features, and a neat Jade Stone heating wand. You can even blast some tunes with the MP3 player while relaxing. It’s good for people with pain, sleep issues, and fatigue, but is a bit heavy, the heating source is external, and can get a bit rough at times.

  • Flexible massage programs.
  • 24 different settings.
  • Both full-body and targeted treatments.
  • 69 airbags for a weightless experience.
  • Adjustable shiatsu treatment for the back and shoulders.
  • The heating source is external.
  • It’s big.
  • It’s not for tall people.
  • The massage can get rough at the intense settings, but you get used to it.

Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical – Luxury Healthcare

Most massage chair models are aimed at either relieving certain chronic pains, providing relaxing and soothing massages, or providing overall health benefits using different technologies, but when I heard the Luraco iRobotics 7 offered all of these things and more I was intrigued. This high-end, premium luxury medical chair talks a big game, and comes with everything you could possibly want in a chair.

If you’re experiencing chronic aches and pains that are also taking a heavy toll on your overall health, you might want to consider making this big investment.

With automatic programs for different conditions, body scan technology, zero gravity recline, air compression, and heat settings, there’s not much this chair can’t do except emergency surgery.

This is without a doubt one of the best massage chairs on the market today. If not the best. Since this is definitely a big investment to make, I want to tell you a bit about my experiences with the chair.

Made in the USA by Luraco with the latest technology

This health care chair is one of the few to be fully researched and made in the USA. Luraco is a name synonymous with health care and luxury, so that automatically attracted me. Their patented technology means you get a unique and effective chair model that you can’t get from any other company. It’s FDA and UL listed, so you know what you’re getting works. It’s good to have the backing of the brand name before investing the money.

What I liked

I barely even know where to start with the features. There’s so much to talk about. When they say this chair offers a comprehensive massage, they mean it. I guess the secret is in the comforting design. It’s one of the most expensive models, but you get a lot for your money. You get:

  • 3D Massage Roller – the adjustable massage roller allows for a deep tissue massage anywhere you want it on your back, neck, and shoulders at varying intensities. Great for those with nagging backside pains in multiple areas.
  • Long vertical roller track – the built-in track on the back ensures the massage goes from top to bottom. Anyone from roughly 5’0 to 6’5 can enjoy it with ease.
  • 80 airbags! – wow. The staggering number of airbags allows for a full-body compression massage. The bags are designed to use heat and compression to soothe muscle aches and keep the muscles in your back, neck, arms, and legs loose.
  • Zero-gravity – originally designed by the folks at Nasa for astronauts stressed by 0-G prep sessions, the fully-reclined zero-gravity position is perfect for the spine. You can’t get it from any masseusse, and Luraco’s patented tech means the chair really stands out.
  • 9 automatic programs – this healthcare chair features 9 auto programs including shiatsu, Swedish, morning, and healthcare massages, each one designed to help improve your blood flow, relieve pain, and decrease stress in their own way. With just a push of a button you can have a therapeutic session to help cure whatever ails you.
  • Full-body heat – the heating elements in the back, feet, and seat come with 5 different levels of intensity. It’s one of the most comprehensive heating chairs on the market.
  • Entertainment options – what would a massage be without some great tunes to go along with it? You can play your favorite music by slipping an SD card into the remote and be soothed by some awesome music while getting your healthcare massage.

Was anything bad?

I normally like to talk about the cons of any product I review, but I was pretty hard pressed to find anything really negative about this chair. There are some things that might give pause to certain buyers, but none of them can be considered negative. The only two things that come to mind are:

  • The price – this is a luxury model designed to do a few specific things very well. The price is exceeded only by the quality. You pay a lot, but you get a lot too.
  • The complexity – one issue I had with the chair was there was just so much to it. The remote is easy to use, but picking a program, a manual setting, or figuring out which added extra you want to use might be tough. Hard to call it a drawback but you know what I mean!


The Luraco Medical Massage Chair is the most luxurious, expensive, and a classy model on the market that I’ve ever come across. It is specifically designed for people with severe pain that want relief and better overall health. It comes with a mass of different programs and features to help improve your wellbeing and it delivers. If you are struggling to find an answer to your issues and have the money to invest in a real solution, I see no reason not to get it. It’s up to you.

  • Comprehensive auto settings for targeting ailments.
  • Patented technology makes it unique.
  • Heating options at 5 intensities.
  • Full-body relief.
  • Great for wellbeing, blood flow, chronic pains, better sleep and more energy.
  • Entertainment options.
  • Zero-gravity air compression massage.
  • Price tag.
  • Complexity.
  • Bulkiness.

Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide

home massage chairAre early morning aches becoming a pain in the neck? What about your back, hips, and shoulders, too?

You aren’t alone; in fact, it estimated that over 30 million people in the USA alone suffer from back pain at any given time.

Lower back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and if you are suffering from chronic soreness in any one of your major regions, then you know the negative effects it can start to have on your daily life. Routine tasks like getting out of bed, driving to work, and sitting at your desk soon become needlessly tough, and enjoying yourself on weekends is out of the question.

Massage chairs are a growing global trend for good reason. Modern technology has made these items go from luxury gift to everyday furniture. With consistent usage, most report at least mild relief from symptoms such as chronic pain, difficulty walking, stress, and fatigue.

massage therapyWith deep massages for pain relief, space age technology for better blood flow and zero-gravity positioning, shiatsu rollers for relieving muscle tension, and relaxation tech for lower stress and better sleep, it’s hard to find a reason not to invest the money, especially now that there are so many affordable options.

The only problem is that there are just too many options to choose from!

The market is flooded with different specialty models in all price ranges, meaning doing the research into getting the right chair is enough to cause the headaches you’re looking to relieve from buying one!

My advice? Create a list of all of your pains, then jot down what you’re looking for in a chair. Read each review in your price range and find the one that matches up perfectly. The right choice will hit the sweet spot, that is, the right combination of price, features, style, and durability. Here are a few more things you should know about finding the right chair:

Popular features (terms you need to know)

If you are new to the industry, then reading through the benefits could feel a bit like reading Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. These are some terms you should be aware of:

  • Ergonomic – this term literally means something designed for comfort and efficiency, and will almost always refer to how a chair is designed to help fit the contours of your spine and back. An ergonomic design does wonders for back pain.
  • Shiatsu – an ancient massage technique from the Far East. It combines 4 different techniques to get rid of back, shoulder, and neck pain.
  • Full-body massage – a full-body massage means that all of your normal joints and pain areas are hit, as well as the arms and legs. Try not to drool a bit.
  • Heating – heating is a technique used on some chairs that will use a pad or internal heat from the chair to loosen up and soothe muscle pain.
  • Vibration – if a chair is equipped with a vibrating seat, it will also work your butt and hamstrings. Great for people who sit at work all day.
  • Zero-gravity – no, you don’t need a space suit for these chairs. If a chair is 0G, that means it utilizes a NASA-designed massage position and technique developed to help astronauts relieve pain after 0G exercises. If you’ve got severe back aches, you’ve found your match made in heaven.
  • Compression – compression techniques mimic the heels of a therapist’s hands. They gently (or vigorously) press down on the muscles to soothe pains.
  • Kneading – this technique stretches and lifts the muscles to reduce soreness and tension.
  • Percussion – this rapid tapping movement is like a drummer beating on your back. It stimulates your joints and spine and reduces pressure.

Features and price ranges

Basically, most chairs will fall into three categories:

  • Economy – economy chairs come with most of the features you could want, and will deliver a great massage regardless of how much you pay. Most range from $800-$1,000, and will provide a few customization options as well as comforts such as full-body and shiatsu techniques. They usually won’t offer most custom options, and many come in fixed sizes, meaning if they don’t fit you, you won’t have any way to make them bigger.
  • Mid-range – the middle tier is full of chairs that offer increased comforts as well as a range of amenities and customization options. Features will increase as will options such as massage cycles and intensity settings. Expect to pay $1,500 or more. Many of these chairs will have body scan technology as well.
  • Luxury – the be all end all. Luxury chairs are normally specially designed with certain conditions in mind. A good example is a medical chair. These chairs offer the ultimate pain relief and health-optimization options, and come with everything short of a kitchen stove. Don’t expect to pay less than $5,000. Just remember that you get more than what you pay.

Some added extras you can find on these chairs are:

  • Wireless remotes
  • Cupholders
  • Wifi connections
  • Energy outlets
  • Full recline
  • Stylish and comfortable leather
  • Lengthening options for taller folk
  • Synthetic leather (for increased heat)
  • Airbags for pressure
  • Zero-gravity
  • Heating pads
  • Body scan technology (to fit the contours of your body)

Wrapping Up

The best massage chairs provide all of the valuable benefits that regular trips to a massage therapist provide, just at a fraction of the cost. The convenience of doing it in your living room while you watch your favorite team pummel the competition into the dirt is even better. The endorphins released by a deep massage help dull pain, increase relaxation, improve your health, and help you sleep. What else could you possible want?